Dissertation der assoziierten Doktorandin Hanna Matthies als Band 7 der Reihe "Traum - Wissen - Erzählen" im Wilhelm Fink Verlag erschienen

Die Dissertation "Vom Erwachsenensein und seinen Grenzen. Eine komparatistische Studie zu Normen, Macht und Kontrollverlust in Romanen der Gegenwart" der im Graduiertenkolleg »Europäische Traumkulturen« assoziierten Doktorandin Hanna Matthies ist kürzlich als Band 7 der Reihe "Traum - Wissen - Erzählen" erschienen.

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Call for papers: Dreams and the Animal Kingdom in Culture and Aesthetic Media

23-25 September 2021 | Saarland University | Saarbrücken (Germany) 

International and Interdisciplinary Conference held by the Research Centre ‘European Dream-Cultures’, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)


Animal dreams — dreams of animals, by animals, and inspired by animals — have concerned poets, mythographers, fabulists, dramatists, painters, musicians, choreographers, filmmakers, and writers of short fictions. Animal dreams have, in fact, become embodiments of the traversal of genres by thinkers, scientists, and writers whose fictions have been inspired by the possibilities of myth, fable, allegory, hybridity, monstrosity, and symbolic hallucination. Animal dreams span all the arts, and they also extend into the worlds of philosophy and even the borders of scientific metaphor. Dreams and dream-images of animals transcend cultures and are frequently taken as avatars, portentous spirits, or disguised divinities. Despite the prevalence of animal dreams across a panoply of genres, media, and cultures, the topic has so far been neglected even by those who have pioneered the emerging fields of animal studies and dream studies.


In accordance with the concept of Saarland University’s research centre ‘European Dream-Cultures’, which investigates the literary, aesthetic, media and cultural histories of the dream, this international conference will pursue the subject of ‘Dreams and the Animal Kingdom’ across different genres, cultural epochs, and aesthetic media. We invite proposals for papers (20 minutes plus time for questions and discussion), pre-constituted panels (three papers of 20 minutes each plus time for discussion), or workshops/roundtables (concentrating on more practical aspects such as research methods, creative practice, teaching) from researchers in the disciplines of art, theatre, film, media, music and literary studies, as well as history, philosophy and other related fields. Contributions should investigate cultural or aesthetic representations of dreams of/by mammals, aquatic fauna, insects, birds, serpents, hybrid mythological creatures, as well as fabulous, fantastical, or cryptozoological animals or other denizens of the animal kingdom, broadly conceived. In accordance with our desire to create a growing and collegiate network of dream-researchers, our aim will be to avoid parallel sessions at the conference, so that participants can hear all papers and take part in all discussions of their choosing.


Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • An author’s particular dreams about one or more animals
  • A single image involving a species interpreted variously in different cultural settings
  • Thematic approaches to dreams about various fauna
  • Representations of dreaming animals
  • The presence of animals in dream interpretation manuals
  • Media and multimedia sensitivity in artistic visions of animal dreams or dreaming animals
  • Dreams involving fabulous or mythic creatures
  • Historical or Art Historical consequences related to dreams about animals 


Please submit your proposal as a Word file to traumkulturen@uni-saarland.de no later than 15 January 2021. Please describe your project – in English, German, or French – in an abstract not exceeding 200 words and include a short, topic-appropriate CV. For proposals for panels, workshops, or roundtables, please include such a CV for each panellist/participant. 


Since this international conference is aimed at researchers from different countries and cultures, the official conference language will be English, but papers may be presented in English, German, or French.


We anticipate the inclusion of cultural events in our programme, and plan to organise a sightseeing trip to nearby places of interest. Please note the Dream-Cultures website (http://www.traumkulturen.de/veranstaltungen/konferenzen-co.html) for up-to-date details such as keynote presentations.


Following the conference, we will publish selected contributions in an edited volume.

Gastvortrag der Mercator-Professorin Rose Hsiu-li Juan am 10.06.20 um 10.00 Uhr

Wir möchten Sie sehr herzlich zum (digitalen) Gastvortrag der Mercator-Professorin Rose Hsiu-li Juan am 10.06.20 um 10.00 Uhr einladen. Der Vortrag wird unter dem Kanal „Gastvortrag GRK-Mercator Professorin“ als Videokonferenz über MS Teams stattfinden. Anmeldungen mit Ihrer UdS-Mailadresse hierfür werden bis spätestens 08. Juni 2020 an traumkulturen@uni-saarland.de gebeten! Falls Sie externe*r Interessierte*r sind und über keine UdS-Mailadresse verfügen, können Sie für die Anmeldung eine andere Mailadresse verwenden und werden dann als Gast eingefügt. Zuvor ist Ihrerseits die (kostenlose) Erstellung eines Accounts bei Microsoft Teams über diese Mailadresse erforderlich!

Des Weiteren wird darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass die Besprechung unter dem oben angegebenen Kanal von Seiten der Mercator-Professorin gestartet wird! Ein gesonderter Besprechungsanruf über die einzelnen Teilnehmer*innen ist damit nicht erforderlich!


Der Gastvortrag wird die Themen Traum und indigene Literatur behandeln und dabei auch auf die Traumvisionen von Black Elk, einem Medizinmann aus Oglala Lakota, eingehen:


Claiming an endorsement by a dream visitation from Matsu, Taiwan's most popular deity and a patroness of the sea, Terry Gou, a Taiwanese billionaire businessman and the founder of Foxconn, ran for the candidacy in 2019 for Taiwan's 15th president. Dreams are believed to be spiritually connected and revealing nowadays as well as in the past, in Taiwan as well as in many places. With this anecdote for a point of departure this paper will research into the divinatory dream and the visionary dream in indigenous traditions and literature in which important dreams are believed to be spiritual visitations. The paper will first adumbrate the typology of the dream and explore the divinatory dream in particular with citations and texts in Chinese dream tradition and Taiwan indigenous literature by Husluman Vava, Topas Tamapima, and Neqou Soqluman. It will then explore the visionary dream in Black Elk Speaks, treating the visionary type as an extension of the divinatory one. Black Elk's "great vision" in a coma for 12 days and its enactment 8 years later into a magnificent performance involving all in his tribespeople demonstrate the flow of cosmic energy albeit in Lakota symbolism. The dream narrative is captivating, and the dream performance is no less powerful from the communication theory of dreaming developed by Barbara Tedlock and colleagues. Such dream-sharing will also be compared with the performative aspect in the dream theory of transpersonal psychology. A comparative platform is thus built to approach divinatory and visionary dreams, two closely related dream types, across nations and cultures.

Dissertation des assoziierten Post-Doktoranden Abdoulaye Samaké als Band 6 der Reihe "Traum – Wissen – Erzählen" im Wilhelm Fink Verlag erschienen

Die Dissertation „Liebesträume in der deutsch-, französisch- und italienischsprachigen Erzählliteratur des 12. bis 15. Jahrhunderts“ des im Graduiertenkolleg „Europäische Traumkulturen“ assoziierten Post-Doktoranden Abdoulaye Samaké ist kürzlich im Wilhelm Fink Verlag als Band 6 der Reihe „Traum – Wissen – Erzählen“ erschienen.

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Zehnte erfolgreiche Verteidigung der Dissertationsschrift

Die ehemalige assoziierte Doktorandin, Marie Bonnot, verteidigte am 24. Januar 2020 erfolgreich ihre Dissertationsschrift "Le récit des rêves des surréalistes à nos jours“ an der Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. Erstbetreuer war Prof. Dr. Alain Schaffner.

Die Mitglieder des Graduiertenkollegs »Europäische Traumkulturen« gratulieren der Promovendin ganz herzlich und wünschen ihr weiterhin alles Gute

Gesamtübersicht zu Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2020

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Veranstaltungen im Mai 2020

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