Mountain dreams. Mountains in aesthetic representations of dreams: between symbolism and space of experience.

International conference

On 24 and 25 June 2021, an international conference on the relationship between dream and mountain in film and literature will take place at Saarland University in cooperation with the DFG Research Training Group »European Dream Cultures«.


Literary and cinematographic representations of mountains – and particularly high mountains – frequently depict them as national symbols and sites of regional identification. Also, on an individual level, mountains as places of human life and experience play a significant part in processes of personal identity building. It is interesting to see that this influence of landscape on individual experiences of the self occurs predominantly in the unconscious. Especially in dreams, mountains feature prominently, both on a symbolic level and as spaces of concrete experiences. We will examine different aspects and functions of dreaming about mountains in literature and film at this conference.


The conference will take place online via Zoom. External listeners are welcome and are requested to register by email to traumkulturen(at)


Please find the programme here.